Enhance Your Revenue While Providing A Valuable Service For Your Tax Clients ...

Provide a risk analysis based on your client's prior filings while you prepare them for the new tax filing season ... Then, continually monitor their account for adverse IRS actions ..

Generate Pre-Season Revenue ... Enhance Your Tax-Season Revenue!

Our service provides professionally-designed collateral materials with a unifying branding image to raise the credibility and positioning of this service option.

We provide a turnkey marketing solution for a service you control!

PLEASE NOTE: Our program is dependent on the features of Tax Help Software.

If you do not have a license for this software, we can offer a service bureau approach. Please contact us for details on this feature.

Pre-Season Risk Analysis

Red Flag Report: Red and yellow flags are only an indicator. These flags should be used to identify those areas of a tax return
that may trigger an audit by the IRS. The IRS uses a formula known as the DIF score. The DIF score logic is confidential. However, Tax Help Software looks for individual areas on your client's return that may increase their chance of an audit. This does not mean the return will be audited or that the client will lose an audit. This is merely an indicator. If audited the taxpayer will be required to prove their tax position.

Post-Filing Monitoring

Monthly Monitoring: Tax Help Software checks your client's IRS account for changes on their account: These checks can identify Audits, Liens, Collections, Significant Balance Changes, Compliance, and more ... Before The IRS Reaches Out To Your Client..

Branded Buckslip

We will provide a branded buckslip artwork to allow you to have a 3 1/2 X 8 1/2 insert to enclose in your pre-season letter promoting this service.

Branded Flyer

We will provide branded artwork for a flyer to allow you to have a 5 1/2 X 8 1/2 flyer to use at the tax deck for use during tax season ...

Engagement Letter

We will provide you with a branded engagement letter to clarify expectations and protect you in providing this service to your clients

Startup Guide

Our startup guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to implement this service offering to your clients and prospective clients.

Proactively ...

  • Identify Trends and Patterns
  • Assess Areas of Risk
  • Develop Checklist of Source Documents
  • Plan For Tax Prep Engagement

Reactively ...

  • Identify Additional Assessments in Your Client's Account
  • Gain Advance Notice of Potential Audits
  • Gain Advance Notice of Pending IRS Actions

We offer two options
for tax preparers...

For those that are current licensees of Tax Help Software ...

we offer an annual licensing program for a amall annual fee. This licensing fee gives you to offer ProAuditGuard to your clients without restrictions. Some preparers will include this service in their normal pricing plan, while others will offer it as an addon service. The choice is yours.

For those tax preparers that do not have the Tax Help Software ...

we offer a service bureau approach where you simply refer your clients to our signup page and we pay you a referral fee for any subscribers you refer to our site. We do all of the work, you share in the annual fees.